#KYGA18 Highlighted Legislation

Highlights of selected 2018 General Assembly legislation: (Omitting Budget, Revenue, & Pension)

Phase-In.House Bill 362 allows county employee retirement system participants such as cities, counties and school districts to phase-in the new higher pension contribution amounts to help stabilize their budgets.

Police Death Benefits. House Bill 185 increases death in the line-of-duty benefits for surviving spouses and children.

Domestic Violence. Senate Bill 68, known as Jeanette’s Law after Jeanette McCue, relieves domestic violence victims from having to pay their abusive spouse’s legal fees in divorce proceedings when the spouse is incarcerated.

Victim’s Rights. Senate Bill 3, named Marsy’s Law after a woman killed by a stalker, will be placed on the November ballot. If voters approve, it will change Kentucky’s Constitution to give expanded rights to crime victims during the criminal proceedings.

Law Enforcement. House Bill 68 will provide mental health and wellness support for law enforcement officials who have been involved in tragic or critical events while on the job.

Foster Care and Adoption. House Bill 1 revamps the state’s adoption and foster care system to limit a child’s time in foster care by streamlining the family court system and eliminating delays and barriers to adoption.

Prescription Medicines. Senate Bill 6 requires a pharmacist to provide information about the safe disposal of certain prescription medicines, such as opiates and amphetamines, and make available for purchase or at no cost supplies to destroy or deactivate medication.

Price Gouging. Senate Bill 160 clarifies laws aimed at preventing price gouging during emergencies. The bill specifies that fines could be imposed if a retailer suddenly increases the price of goods more than 10 percent when the Governor declares a state of emergency.

Revenge Porn. House Bill 71 increases penalties for distributing sexually explicit images without the consent of the person depicted with the intent to profit, or to harm, harass, intimidate, threaten, or coerce the individual depicted.

Financial Literacy. House Bill 132 requires Kentucky high school students to pass a financial literacy course before graduating.

Organ Donation. House Bill 84 requires coroners or medical examiners to release identifying and other relevant information about a deceased person to Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates if the person’s wish to be an organ donor is known and the body is suitable for medical transplant or therapy.

Eye Exams. House Bill 191 requires any person taking an online eye test for a prescription to be 18 years of age or older and have received an in-person exam within the last 24 months. Doctors licensed in Kentucky are required to sign off on the prescriptions or findings of the virtual exams.

Teen Marriage. Senate Bill 48 prohibits the marriage of anyone under the age of 18 years old. It allows a 17-year-old to petition a district or family court judge to grant permission to marry in certain circumstances.

Bicycle Safety. House Bill 33 requires drivers to keep vehicles at least three feet away from bicyclists during an attempt to pass. If three feet is not available, the driver must use “reasonable caution” when passing cyclists, and can, if necessary, cross the centerline.

Unless a bill was declared an emergency or contained a special effective date, all enacted legislation will take effect on July 14, 2018.

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