About Us



Welcome to the Kentucky Senate Democratic Caucus website. As you browse through our site, we want you to gain a sense of who we are – collectively and individually — and where we want to take our great state in the future. Our members represent the entire commonwealth – rural and the urban – from the beautiful mountains of eastern Kentucky to the rolling horse farms in central Kentucky to the heartland of agriculture and coalfields in western Kentucky.

Sen Jones (01-30-14) -2You will find a directory of our membership on our site that will allow you to better get to know us. Contact information is included so that you can reach us anytime with your questions, comments or suggestions.

To keep you up-to-date and more informed about our work and our position on issues, our site shares media coverage, press releases, and other information that will be of interest or is a concern to you and your family.

Over the years, Senate Democrats have worked diligently to make the commonwealth a safer, healthier and better place to raise a family. Democrats have moved Kentucky forward by renewing our commitment to improving education; safeguarding our youth, our elderly and our veterans; promoting energy independence, and creating and keeping jobs. However, our work is not complete. We continue to strive to preserve and protect the quality of life in the commonwealth by creating opportunities for our citizens to grow and prosper.

The Kentucky Senate Democratic Caucus is dedicated to making Kentucky a better place to live, work and raise a family.

We hope you will check back with us often. Thank you for visiting.

Ray S. Jones II

Senate Democratic Floor Leader Leader