Sen. Webb recognizes nine-year-old for work on Blessing box at England Hill Freewill Baptist Church


CATLETTSBURG A 9-year-old is blessing the Catlettsburg community through a Blessing box at England Hill Freewill Baptist Church, and people are taking notice.


1213kidrecognizedThe original idea was inspired by a conversation Jaycie Brewer had with her mom, Erin Brewer, about a Blessing Box in Ceredo-Kenova.


“We talked about how it helps people who may not have food … she asked me if our town, Catlettsburg, had one,” said Erin Brewer.

 Not being sure, Erin promised to find out and let her know. A few days later she told Jaycie there wasn’t one.
Not being sure, Erin promised to find out and let her know. A few days later she told Jaycie there wasn’t one.


“She said, ‘ok,’ and went back to playing,” Erin said. “She’s nine, I thought it was over.”


That Sunday, Jaycie was called to the front of their church.


“She had gone to her youth pastor, Charlie Wright, and told him she thought we needed a Blessing Box in Catlettsburg because it’s a long way to walk to Kenova if you don’t have any food,” Erin said.


Wright stood up with Jaycie, told the church about her idea and asked for the congregation to help fund the making of the box.


After service, Wright told Erin an anonymous donor volunteered to build the box.


“Sure enough, a week later, here’s this enormous box in my driveway,” Erin said. “Jaycie painted it … the church blessed it, and we went from there.”


On Aug. 24, the box was installed beside the youth building at England Hill Freewill Baptist Church. Since then, steady traffic has flowed in and out to the box. Local doctors, veterinary clinics and more have brought in large donations.


Sunday, Jaycie was once again called to the front of the church. This time she was presented with a letter from Kentucky State Sen. Robin Webb. The letter recognized her for “demonstrating tremendous kindness and generosity of spirit … to help citizens in need.”


The 4th grader was honored again Monday by the Ponderosa Elementary principal and the Boyd County schools superintendent. The school began a food drive for the last week before break, which quickly became a district-wide fundraiser benefiting the box, Erin explained. Ponderosa alone has raised over 1,100 items as of Tuesday.


“There’s a truck ready to be delivered,” Erin said.

 The support of the school is paramount to Erin.


“It’s not just about what your math grade is,” she said. “My children go to a school district where the teachers and principals and administrators stand behind and support them in things outside of school.”


Erin is proud of the recognition Jaycie has received, but above all she’s proud of who Jaycie is as a person.


“I look at this little girl and she genuinely has this heart that I look at her sometimes and think, if I grow up to be half as good-hearted, Christian (and) giving as this child … I’ll be in good shape,” Erin said.


Jaycie doesn’t care for any of the recognition, her focus remains on helping others and making sure people know they can go to England Hill Freewill Baptist Church if they are in need.


“It makes me proud that she treats people the way I think everyone should. If everybody was like that with one another, I think it’d be a better place,” Erin said.

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