Sen. Carroll on world’s largest Hemp extraction plant being brought to Kentucky


World’s largest Hemp extraction plant to be brought to Kentucky, producing positive and profound influence on health care industry


FRANKFORT – Senator Julian M. Carroll, D-Frankfort, pre-filed legislation earlier this month for the 2018 Regular Session that would increase the safety measures associated with the legal use of cannabis oil for medical purposes, while also allowing doctors to write prescriptions.


“Four years ago, I joined in the unanimous voice of all the members of the legislature to legalize cannabidiol by University of Kentucky and University of Louisville doctors for various medical needs. However, since Federal law has yet to make it legal, it has not been available for medical use in Kentucky,” said Sen. Carroll. “Now within the last several months, I have learned of the legal availability of hemp oil that could be purchased over the counter. I now find that a California company with a major Chinese partner plans to build a plant in Carlisle and Hickman Counties for producing such oil. As a native of the Purchase area of Kentucky, I have always had a great affection for the lower four counties. These counties need a major boost in their economy and this plant will do just that,” Sen. Carroll said.


Kings Royal announced just a few months ago that it had selected Kentucky for the location of this plant because of Kentucky’s great potential for growing hemp. Kings Royal has contracted with farmers in Carlisle and Hickman Counties to grow 2,300 acres of hemp. The Kentucky Department of Agriculture on December 21 issued permits for growing of the hemp and for processing of the plant into CBD, the non-psychoactive ingredient in hemp. The hemp will be harvested this fall and processing will allow the first pharmaceutical grade CBD to be produced in late 2018, according to officials of Kings Royal.


It is widely accepted that CBD can prevent seizures and epilepsy, along with many other documented health and wellness contributions. There is now scientific evidence that cannabidiol (CBD) could be an effective replacement for opioid addiction, as well as useful in treating pain. CBD blocks the reward of opioids, and may be used in treating those addicted to them by blocking their rewarding effects, according to a study conducted by University of Mississippi researchers and published in the journal Planta Medica.


“CBD has been available in the United States however, much of this oil was coming from Marijuana plants which meant it had THC in it and could potentially give its user a psychoactive effect. Kings Royal CBD, to be produced in Kentucky meets all federal laws because it contains essentially no THC. Under Federal Law, industrial hemp cannot contain more than .3 percent THC, so there is no chance of any users having an altered state of mind from this product. Kentuckians need no longer travel to western States because what they are looking for is in Kentucky, and it will not require a prescription. Kings Royal will be producing CBD in commercial quantities for sale all over the United States. The industrial hemp crop contributes four basic components which can be turned into tens of thousands of different end products and Kings Royal intends to contribute every aspect of their yield to the industrial ecological chain,” Sen. Carroll said.


Sen. Carroll’s pre-filed bill, BR 163, will be reviewed when the General Assembly convenes for the 2018 Legislative Session.


Senator Carroll represents Senate District 7 that includes Anderson, Franklin, Gallatin, Owen, and Woodford Counties. He has served in the Kentucky State Senate since 2005.




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